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The Expedition Film - Coming in 2008

Latest News (July 2007)
  • We are proud to announce that Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith of Galiano Island will form the core of the expedition film production team. Nick and Duncan will use a European production facility in the fall of 2008. With Nick's Executive Direction and Duncan's editing wizardry, the project is shaping up to be a hit. Tim will support the production with storyline guidance, expedition footage, narration and writing. The team welcomes Nicole Anchorman as production assistant.

    The sound track will feature ethnic sounds from around the world as well as talented Canadian musicians including: Simon Vine, Andy Vine, Peter Dent, Derek Olive, Scott Fairbairn, and others.

    Production Team

Nick Middleton, Producer, Executive Director, and Editor, is an award-winning independent filmmaker based out of British Columbia, Canada, and is the owner of Reel Rising Productions Inc. While his work now primarily focuses on documentaries, he has worked in various genres and on multiple mediums, including digital video, animation and film. Nick is a graduate of the Independent Media Producers Program at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School and is currently finishing his Media Studies and Production Degree at Malaspina University. As a Director, Editor, and Producer, his work has been screened both on television and at film festivals across the country. Nick'smost recent completed project was a feature-length documentary that he produced, directed, and edited, called "Ishmael Beah: Reflections on a Long Way Gone" (2007).

Nick was recently awarded Best Film of 2006 for his work on the documentary he co-produced called An Unfortunate Blessing; 1st Place Documentary at the 2005 BC Student Film Festival for his film Galiano: Island on the Edge; and Outstanding Achievement at the 2002 and 2003 EyeLens Film Festival. Currently, Nick is employed as Sessions Manager and Technical Director at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School where he oversees nearly 200 student film productions each year.

Nick can be contacted at 1.800.813.9993 or at

Duncan Smith, Editor and Director, is a perfect fit for the production team. This talented and visionary filmmaker honed his skills as the producer and stunt man in a series of extreme sports videos. During the 2006 forest fires on Galiano Island, Duncan went where no other video journalist dared to capture images that were featured across Canada within hours on the evening news. Duncan is a grass-roots activist committed to raising global consciousness through film.

Also a skateboarder, surfer and DJ who coordinates entertainment at Galiano Island’s Grand Central Emporium, Duncan is a natural networker with a bright future in filmmaking.

Duncan can be contacted at

Assisting Duncan will be Tim Harvey as co-editor.

Camera Crew: Most of the videography for this documentary film was shot by Tim Harvey, although various of his of his travelling teammates, including Jonathan Harvey, Erden Eruc, Miguel Bindon, Yulia Kudryavtseva, Adrian Sanders, The Three Swedes, Richard the illegal Peruvian migrant and Colin Angus contributed their hands and eyes to the filmmaking process.

Motorless travel through the planet's extremes of climate and geography was made painstaking by the extra weight and energy demands of filmmaking, but Tim is proud to have brought home over 100 hours of quality footage to share in the upcoming film.

Sample Work:
Montage of expedition footage. Edited by Duncan Smith and Tim Harvey. Music by Simon Vine.
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