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Zero Emissions adventurer reaches the Americas!

Promoting the spirit of adventure and solutions to climate change cannot be acheived without the support of the media. During Tim's adventure, in virtually every county he has visited, the media has taken an overwhelming interest in his story.

CDN Government Media


Tim Harvey is a adventuring scribe from Canada's Pacific province who has written for various newspapers and magazines across Canada. North Americans know him best from interviews on the CBC's premiere radio prpgram, As It Happens.

You can request an interview through the contact form on this website.

Millions of readers enjoyed Tim's 27-part adventure travel column for the Vancouver Sun and Edmonton Journal between June 2004 and August 2005.

Prensa de lengua Espaņol: Viendo que se defiende bien en castellano, Tim es disponible para entrevistas. Contactele aquí. Leer una resumen de su viaje aquí.


From a recent article released in January by Tiffany Crawford for the Canadian Press:

"Canadian adventurer Tim Harvey has some tips for anyone else who plans to undertake the challenge of a zero-emission journey around the planet.

First, never give up the dream.

And second, share the message with others along the way, teaching them about the global impact of consuming less fossil fuels to create a cleaner environment..." (read more)